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Our approach


We create tailor-made solutions for your customers, to protect what matters most to them–their family and their health.

Bringing new insurance products to your customers can be time consuming for your core businesses – and could tie up key people and financial resources. Using our services enables you to deliver high quality insurance solutions to your customers quickly and cost effectively. We deliver great consumer experiences across a wide range of distribution channels. So you can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce product delivery costs.

Our value proposition

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At iptiQ, we’re building strategic partnerships, to reduce gaps in insurance protection for consumers

Our partners provide their brand(s), customer acquisition skills, customer base and marketing expertise. We provide a fully-fledged digital insurance platform, data-driven products and affordable coverage in return. Our end-to-end, multi-channel platform is powered by an industry-leading team, which means you’re faster to market, and can deliver on your expected results.

Continuously optimizing your sales performance

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Who are our partners?

We work with a variety of established insurance distribution partners and consumer brands that have a strong customer base and marketing experience. We also seek out mature insurtech partners, who can deliver life insurance and health insurance products, systems and operations.

  • Insurers – Looking to offer new products, venture into new markets or open up new distribution channels efficiently.
  • Consumer brands and affinity groups – With large customer bases and high-quality consumer data, that are equipped to cross-sell financial products to their customers. 
  • Mature start-ups – Offering innovative thinking and approaches to providing insurance to uninsured or under-insured consumers. 
  • Insurance distribution partners – Looking to expand and enhance their product portfolios and product delivery mechanisms.  
  • Financial services companies – Aiming to increase revenues from, or enhance their range of, financial products. 

Why partner with us?

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Added value from our dynamic technology platform

  • Secure control on the access and movement of data 
  • Quick and safe connection with the new partners 
  • Quick on/off connection with technology providers 
  • Sophisticated cloud-based data systems 
  • A wealth of data, offering unmatched insight that we can share with partners 
  • Learnings that can be implemented to optimize customer experiences, sales effectiveness and the efficiency of product delivery. 

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