Our approach

We create digital life, home and motor insurance products and experiences, which you can market and offer your customers under your own brand(s).

We help you deliver simple and transparent insurance experiences to your customers – providing new revenue streams, improved customer satisfaction scores and stronger customer loyalty for your business.

We don’t sell our insurance products or services directly to consumers. Instead, we enable you to sell the right insurance product(s) to them at the right time, with the best possible experience.

Bringing you the complete insurance value chain

Creating value

Tailored solutions

  • Product design and pricing 
    Creating solutions that fit your brand and customers’ needs 
  • Branding and marketing  
    Supporting your brand values, leveraging your distribution channels 
  • Online sales platform 
    Optimised sales journeys and call centre capabilities

Improving efficiency 

Turnkey solutions

  • Policy admin and servicing
    Fully-fledged service centre, option for you to train our staff to support your brand values 
  • Underwriting and claims
    Comprehensive services, matching your distribution channels and strategy 
  • Accounting and finance
    Premium handling, full general ledger and technical accounting capabilities 

Continually optimising your sales performance

  • Analytics and insights

    Using analytics and tracking tools, we can build a strong understanding of customer behaviours in a live environment, and analyse when and why consumers drop out of the application process. We identify the factors that present barriers to sales and ways to overcome them.

  • Prioritisation of high impact areas

    We focus on measures that have the highest impact on sales performance.

  • Alpha/Beta (A/B) testing

    We follow a hypothesis-driven approach to testing. We quickly iterate on elements of the customer journey – through controlled testing – and deploy winning variants.

Who are our partners?

  • Insurance intermediaries – Looking to expand and enhance their product portfolios with data-driven insights and digital delivery of products and services.
  • Financial service providers – Looking to offer complementary personal insurance propositions.
  • Insurers – Looking to offer new products, venture into new markets or open up new distribution channels efficiently.
  • Consumer brands – With large customer bases and high-quality data, who are building up an ecosystem and wish to enhance customer value with personal insurance.

Why partner with us?

  • Pan-European, global capability

    With offices throughout Europe, we are licensed to offer insurance solutions in various European markets, and through the global Swiss Re network, we have the capability to deliver global propositions.

  • Cloud-based, digital platform

    Our platform is geared to deliver quick and secure connections with new partners. Sophisticated, cloud-based systems simplify and speed up the risk assessment, pricing and customer servicing processes.

  • Fast launch and quick scaling

    Our modular approach to product design allows us to configure quickly and to adapt propositions, products and customer experiences. Quick onboarding means we can get partner schemes up-and-running in weeks. Our platform has the capability to handle rapid growth in your insurance business volumes.

  • Digital insurance engine

    Products can be adapted to meet the specific insurance needs and expectations of defined customer groups. Our digital platform provides an end-to-end business model, that can operate through multiple distribution channels. Sales optimisation tools, customer servicing and intermediary portals are available.

  • Customer focus

    Our dedicated team of European marketing professionals, working with our experts in behavioural economics, deliver strong insights into customers’ needs and buying behaviours. We design our solutions by starting with the customer experience.

Added value from our dynamic technology platform

  • Secure control on the access and movement of the data
  • Quick and safe connection with your systems
  • Sophisticated cloud-based data storage
  • A wealth of data, offering unmatched insights for your business
  • Data and learnings to optimise customer experiences, sales effectiveness and efficient product delivery.

What solutions are you interested in?

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