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Home and Motor Insurance


Our flexible insurance solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your systems infrastructure. Whether insurance is provided as an add-on during a check out process, or integrated into your website, we help you offer insurance in an efficient customer-friendly manner. 



Buildings Insurance (including cover for natural catastrophes)

  • Insuring homes against fire, weather events, burst pipes and many other risks. 

Household Contents Insurance

  • Insuring personal possessions against theft, weather events, fire, and many others

Loss of RentInsurance

  • Covers private landlords against tenants’ non-payment of rent.

Rental Deposit Insurance

  • An alternative for tenants who do not wish to use cash or savings for their rental deposit.

Personal Liability Insurance

  • Protects individuals from financial loss in the event they are held responsible for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Covers the legal costs or damages they are required to pay as compensation.

Private Cyber Insurance

  • Provides individuals and families comprehensive protection against the most common online risks including fraud and online shopping. Includes 24/7 Cyber Assistance. 
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Motor insurance

Motor Insurance  

  • Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is a mandatory insurance for every vehicle coverings damage to other vehicles or property where the driver is at fault.
  • Casco insurance (comprehensive) covers various risks that lead to damages to a vehicle such as weather, fire, theft or collision.

Car sharing solution

  • Supplementary insurance for a rental vehicle during the rental period.
  • Casco insurance (comprehensive) covers various risks that lead to damage to a vehicle such as weather, fire, theft or collision: includes roadside assistance.

Whatever your target markets and customer profiles, together we can develop straightforward products that meet your customers’ key personal insurance needs – both now and in the future.


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