What we offer

What we offer

We provide tailored, end-to-end solutions and an experienced team

iptiQ works in partnership with leading consumer brands in the US to offer tailored solutions across our product assortment: Term Life, Final Expense and Accidental Death.  We don’t sell directly to the consumer.  Instead, we combine our expertise in underwriting, product development, consumer experience and operations with our partner’s knowhow in getting the right products to the right people.

We are an end-to-end solution for companies who want to target the middle market and offer their customers high quality life insurance in a clearer, faster and more straightforward way than the current industry norm.  The ideal partnership is quite simple and twofold:

  • A shared belief that all consumers should have the protection of life insurance
  • Complementary expertise: iptiQ provides the carrier, products, underwriting, online application process and policy operations while the partner provides the consumer base and experience in distribution and marketing.

We move quickly and are able to offer this flexible yet comprehensive solution because we have an experienced, agile team and because our model was built to support the complete consumer journey.


Compelling Products and Pricing

Attractive products and competitive pricing

  • We provide the most relevant products for the middle market
  • We can tailor the right product mix for your consumers’ distinct needs
  • We avoid industry norms like policy fees, modal factors or rate banding
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • We communicate pricing clearly to consumers with respect for their monthly budget

Sophisticated Underwriting

Streamlined underwriting process backed by rich data and deep industry experience

  • We offer the full spectrum of underwriting services with best in class automated and traditional solutions
  • We leverage data analytics and predictive underwriting to streamline the underwriting process
  • We enable a faster, easier consumer experience due to our innovative underwriting model and online application technology

Smooth Consumer Journey

Purchase process that is easy to understand and complete

  • We deliver a 100% online, simple application process for consumers
  • We enable co-branding
  • We offer multichannel capabilities –  switching seamlessly between an agent call center and self-service if needed.
  • We provide services from application all the way through policy administration

Experienced Policy Administration and Servicing

State of the art policy administration and processing

  • We offer a trusted, experienced team that handles the full spectrum of services: premium collections, consumer correspondence and consumer inquiries
  • We offer a fully-fledged service center that reflects your company’s philosophy


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