The iptiQ Human-centred Design (HD) framework

What is the HD framework?

The iptiQ HD Framework brings together the best of Behavioural Science and Design Thinking into the insurance proposition design process. This enables our partner brands to co-create new insurance solutions with us, centered around their end customers as well as their brand and therefore more likely to achieve the widespread adoption that is desired.

Insurance that is as attractive as humanly possible

Have you ever launched a new product, designed a new feature, or created an online journey, and been surprised that it does not achieve the desired customer adoption?

You’re not alone. Many insurance initiatives, well-meaning though they were, have failed to attract the desired level of behaviour-change (e.g. adoption or sales).

So why is it that products and services that have been carefully perfected by insurers do not achieve the desired behaviour change?

In this White Paper, we propose that it comes down to an “empathy gap” with our customers. And that’s where iptiQ’s Human-centric Design (HD) framework comes in. We could not find any existing frameworks that can assist insurers in successfully integrating behavioural interventions into their product and service development, so we developed our own, bringing together the best of Behavioural Insights and its “sister-discipline” Design Thinking.

We collaborated with the Swiss Re Institute and BEAR’s Professor Dilip Soman, to ensure that the latest behavioural science findings could inform our framework. Intended to be used at the very beginning of projects, the HD framework will guide insurers and partners in developing solutions that truly meet their customers’ needs.


Image of Dilip Soman

Dilip Soman

Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sciences and Economics

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto


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